The Art Circus will celebrate the physicality, artistry, and diversity of circus arts, and will include both well-known Ithaca circus performers as well as newcomers. The show will feature acts such as hand balancing, object manipulation, live painting, contemporary percussion, hoola hoop, dance, group acrobatics, juggling, and more – all with a twist like never seen before. Pair that with the much anticipated artisanal popcorn bar, and custom art circus mocktail, and you’re ready for an unexpected and playful night out on the town!

The kids’ version will include selected acts from the main event combined with acts performed by young circus artists from the community. We’ll be sure to give you sneak peaks of the performers and other exciting developments as the date gets closer!

Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Youth Farm Project, which aims include our local youth from diverse social and economic backgrounds as integral participants in building equitable local food communities. Learn more about the Youth Farm Project at http://www.youthfarmproject.org.


Photos by Wendy Houseworth of Manifesto designs



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